Passages Malibu – The Best Ecstasy Drug Rehab Provider

Passages Malibu has been a top provider of excellent luxury rehab for ecstasy drug addiction. Our facility has been working to improve their natural holistic methods of treatment since 2001. Now, our ecstasy drug rehab uses the highest components of holistic treatment to offer a natural recovery. We aim to provide gradual ease in the addictive attitude through the application of herbal remedies and holistic therapies.

Not only we provide holistic drug rehab at our facility, but we also provide it in a luxurious style and environment. The comfortable and exuberant environment allows the client to feel at home during their stay, which keeps their stress levels. Through the combination of a good atmosphere and habitual holistic lifestyle, an effective and permanent solution to addictive habits is created. The client recovers at their own pace; they are not forced to join traditional therapies, nor are they pushed to take more drugs during their detoxification stage.

At Passages Malibu, each client is given an individualized recovery treatment that focuses on his or her addiction. We have created a comprehensive system of holistic treatment, which is used differently for addictive habits. Our holistic system of treatments can treat addiction disorders such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, opiate, ecstasy, and many other drugs.

Luxury Drug Rehab with a Holistic Twist

Our methods of treatment grandly differ with that of other systems of treatment, which is why Passages Malibu holds the title of “No.1 Rehab in the World” as claimed by Healthcare Global. The treatment uses an elite system of holistic therapy that can cater to the needs of clients, without disturbing the chemical balance of the body. The aim is to provide the finest of therapy and remedies so that they can return to their sober state, which they can maintain by continuing the holistic lifestyle.

The holistic treatment in each drug rehab program, such as ecstasy drug rehab, uses a different set of therapies that can provide effective and targeted recovery with minimum discomfort. The medical staff and the professional therapist at Passages Malibu are trained to provide a supportive therapy system, where the client is treated with respect at all times.

You can find out more about the holistic therapy system of the luxury rehab at Passages Malibu by calling 866-632-4052, which upholds confidentiality and privacy of the client as their maxim.

Alternative Herbal Detox during Rehabilitation

The methodology of treatment at Passages Malibu does not follow the conventional ways of treatment. We offer luxury rehabilitation to our clients as they receive holistic therapy and herbal detox. The detoxification process, in particular, uses many other luxury amenities to reduce stress and offer relaxation to the client. Clients are provided with a structured routine during the detox as well as the rehab so they may develop healthier habits over time.

We encourage our clients to take advantage of the recreation areas such as fitness center, tennis court, and many other enticing activities. Our multifaceted detox plan has been designed to offer herbal remedies such as acupuncture and massage to ease the pain of withdrawal. As herbal remedies are known to be better for health and have no side effects that are in the traditional detox programs. Don’t hesitate to call us at 866-632-4052 for any queries related to our alternative herbal detox services.

Chris and Pax Prentiss – Founders of Our Luxury Drug Rehab

The co-founders of Passages Malibu, Chris, and Pax Prentiss, revolutionized drug and alcohol treatment by providing holistic and luxury rehab programs such as ecstasy drug rehab. They are well aware of the hardship and struggle one has to go through with severe addiction issues as Pax Prentiss himself was addicted to many drugs. He suffered for years with his addiction issues, which slowly consumed his life. He lost contact with his friends and family.

In his isolation, he became aware that he needed help and reached out to his father, Chris Prentiss. Chris encouraged his son to join the conventional system of drug rehab. After joining many of these programs, Pax realized that he could not stand the humiliation of being labeled an ‘addict’. He lost motivation to recover upon realizing his shameful behavior under the duress of being called an ‘addict’, which eventually made him relapse.

Chris realized that traditional treatments did not help his son and researched other methods of therapy. During his research, stumbled upon holistic methods of treatment, which were effective in dealing with Pax’s addiction. Due to the success of this treatment, Pax and Chris realized that they must help other people with similar issues through this treatment methodology, which they had not found elsewhere. Thus, they established Passages Malibu to offer luxury rehab that used a holistic system of treatment to help heal people with addiction.