Passages Malibu – The History behind Our Luxury Rehab

Passages Malibu, and its holistic method of treatments would not be present if not for Pax Prentiss. Pax and Chris Prentiss are the proud owners and co-founders of Passages Malibu; they have built this establishment because they understand the struggles of addiction and dependency issues. Pax Prentiss had been addicted to a variety of drugs at one time; he was dependent on alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and many other addictive. Due to his severe addiction issues, he soon became isolated from his friends and family members.

Pax had been so consumed with his addiction that he lost control of his life, which is why he had to ask for support from his family members. Chris Prentiss realized that his son needed immediate help to curb his addiction issues; he encouraged Pax to join the traditional substance abuse recovery programs. However, Pax soon realized that these programs did not help with his issues, he felt ashamed and weak in the presence of his peers and counselors.

The conventional treatment programs would offer Pax relief for some time, but he would soon fall back to his old ways. He felt alone during the recovery sessions, and the strict regulations at the rehabilitation centers made him feel exhausted. The conventional support sessions labeled his addiction as a “sickness” that must be treated as a “disease,” which not only discouraged his progress, it also made him relapse.

Chris and Pax discussed the failure of conventional programs and sought out alternative methods of treatment. After some research, they found out about alternative forms of treatment, such as holistic therapies and herbal remedies. The holistic therapies had a laid-back approach for recovery, which gave room to breathe to the client. This holistic treatment seemed to work well at treating Pax’s addiction habits and with a few customizations; he was successful at becoming sober completely.

Pax and Chris had made a customized holistic recovery program for addiction that used both western and modern therapies during treatment. Due to the success of this unique methodology, they set out to help others through this treatment as well. They established Passages Malibu to offer the customized and personalized holistic treatment, which was grandly successful in a luxury environment.

Now, Passages Malibu offers state-of-the-art recovery and support, which is backed up by its grand success at treating various addiction issues. We use the same healing principles that were used by Pax to build personalized treatment plans for our clients, which provide both luxury care and compassionate support.

You can become a part of this memorable journey of recovery by calling us at 866-632-4052; we have prepared many customizable programs such as ecstasy drug rehab to help you become sober and happy.