Luxury Ecstasy Drug Rehab – The Philosophy behind our Treatment Plan

We follow a unique philosophy of herbal and holistic treatment that has garnered popularity among our clientele. Our establishment was built through the success of this philosophy, which is why the principle structure of each treatment plan at Passages Malibu follows the holistic method of recovery. We aim to support and offer compassionate treatment during rehab, so there are minimum setbacks. Our luxury setting has been designed to accommodate our natural and holistic treatment methodology. Our ecstasy drug rehab and many other drug rehab programs give you a luxury seat, where you will receive comfort and care.

We intend to offer the best rehabilitation services at our luxury facility, which is why we offer many amenities along with our treatment. Moreover, our programs are designed to holistically heal the mind, body, and spirit of the client so may become whole and happy. It allows the client to develop their own healthier lifestyle during the stay, where they are removed from everyday stress.

The Joint Commission has recognized Passages Malibu’s philosophy of treatment as one of the leading holistic treatment methodologies, which is why they have given it the Gold Seal of Approval. Due to our exuberant holistic treatment in a luxury setting, our facility also holds a position in the top 6% of luxury rehab centers in the country. Our Philosophy upholds many unique facets of support and recovery; you can read more about it below or call us at 866-632-4052 for more information through a confidential call.

Stereotypes? — be gone!

For us, our client is the top priority, which is why your comfort and privacy is given utmost importance. We hold a singular purpose of recovery during our drug rehab programs that are to empower and encourage our client. We believe that motivation is one of the biggest factors of recovery, without which lasting recovery is impossible. Our programs provide a private and luxurious rehab that offers holistic rehab in a dignified manner.

Many other rehab facilities label addiction as a ‘disease’ that needs to be ‘cured’. This causes the client to feel mentally weak; they feel as if they are deficient in some manner, so they need treatment medically. Once, the medical treatment is over; they go back to their old ways as they have no sense of purpose nor motivation to uphold the original purpose of recovery.

Passages Malibu does not believe in such conventional treatment, we believe that a client is a person that needs to heal with time. They are not just their addiction nor the habits associated with it; they are an amalgamation of their inner strength upheld with their soul, body, and mind. Our objective is to build you up as one human being, not treat one section of the whole.

You can call us at 866-632-4052 for any queries related to our holistic treatment during the ecstasy drug rehab or any other drug rehab program at Passages Malibu.

Holistic Methods of Treatment at Our Luxury Rehab

Our ecstasy drug rehab, among others, does not use medical detoxification during treatment. We believe that natural remedies are far more advanced and have a better effect on the overall health of the individual. Prescription drugs during detox can have various side effects, which are not dealt with in the traditional clinical setting.

However, Passages Malibu aims to provide many luxury services that offer relaxation and support to the client. We also use herbal remedies to help the client smoothly go through their detoxification phase, which is monitored by professional therapists and staff members at all times.

We use many alternative therapies that use holistic principles to deal with underlying issues that might be inducing stress and addictive attitude. Some of the underlying issues can cause addictive habits are the imbalance of chemicals, unhealthy coping mechanisms, contradicting beliefs, and unresolved issues from the past.

Some of the alternative holistic treatments that are used to deal with such issues are Sound Therapy, Physical Training, Life Purpose Training, Adventure Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Hypno Therapy, Art Therapy, Family Counseling, Massage, Marriage Counseling, Psychotherapy, Meditation, Acupuncture, and many other services.

To get more information on all of our holistic methods of treatment during ecstasy drug rehab and other drug rehab programs, call us at 866-632-4052.

Embrace the Holistic Life at Passages

We believe that there is no time like the present; no drug issue is untreatable through our alternative holistic methods. We provide many luxury services during the ecstasy drug rehab and other individualized programs so you may get a proper chance at recovery. Embrace our philosophy of natural and gradual recovery at Passages Malibu to receive all grand services specifically designed for you. Call us at 866-632-4052 for more information regarding the programs available at our luxury rehab facility.